Use the FRA 213 TSS Rules book for all your testing (instructions below.) You may do the pretest first or as a sample Final.  Click on content on the top bar, find your first quiz, you will be able to find all quizzes in the content. Go to Subpart A on the top bar, find the quiz now button, take quiz, finish subpart A go on to B, C, D, E, F and then take Final. 

demo2.1.jpg (97965 bytes)ARC-Tech.Net FRA 213 TSS Rules Book will pop up, center page. 
demo2.19.jpg (79988 bytes) You can change the location of the Rules Book by clicking on the red bar that says ARC-Tech FRA 213 TSS and holding the mouse down and moving across the screen, go to "content" and it will bring up the different subparts, use this book throughout the entire training session, including quizzes, tests and while you study.


demo2.20.jpg (69811 bytes)

This is where the Rule Book will go when minimized.

 demo2.21.jpg (61349 bytes)

The FRA 213 Rules Book also includes pop up charts and figures to help you get through your study with the greatest ease.  


demo2.22.jpg (94743 bytes)Use this image to compare the descriptions of the website's features below for A, B, C, D, and E.


A) This heading tell you the name of the Subpart you're currently studying. Each Subpart has its own list in the drop down menu (E).  All Subparts can also be accessed by the navigation bar at the top of the page.

B) This heading tells you the name of the section you're currently studying.  You can always return to any section with the use of the drop down referral menu (E).

C) Text in RED is the FRA rule you are studying at the time. 

D) Text in BLACK is the discussion part of your Study, know as the "Guidance".  The guidance will help you better understand the rule it follows.

E) Study sections have a sliding referral drop-down menu, so that cross referencing during studying can be done at the speed of your computer.


When you see this button click on it to be taken to the Quiz for that section, you will need to add your user name and password again.


demo2.23.jpg (68185 bytes)The Quiz page will look similar to this. While taking the quiz you may refer to the FRA 213 Rules Book at any time. At the bottom of all quizzes you can save and complete later or you my save and submit for grading. You may take each test and quiz two times. Your grade will be the highest of the two. Return to the subparts after you have completed the quiz by using the links at the top of the page.


If you have any trouble with the training, please email with your questions and we will respond within 24 hours. Should you leave your phone number on the email, answer will be by phone ASAP
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